Saturday, 30 June 2007


My rude cat sticking her tongue out at me when I took her pic! heheh

News in pics

My brother just came back from KL and he was wearing this jersey.. Apa eh.. sagainya :-)

When I arrived in the office Monday morning, the first thing I noticed was hot air hitting my face as soon as I opened the door. *sigh* no aircon again... Later we found out the aircon will be out for at least a couple of weeks. Hence tie off.

The scene at the filling station early morning on the terima day. It amuses me urang membali minyak early in the morning ramai-ramai ani... I dont think I've never seen that before except kalau time kan raya. Inda jua kan mennuggu terima baru membali minyak. heheh

Standing next to a moving train. Sushi train that is hehhe

This was my 5th shot trying to get the rear end of the train. This is the best.. but as u can see.. not so great

My office building.. clear blue sky after weeks of dark clouds and rains.

It puzzles me that this guy is not bothered that his car is parked in the middle of the road time urang trying to leave the masjid compound.

Sampat lagi took a pic of the gate from inside the car heheh Biasa lah kan.. traffic jam exiting the masjid compound.. so ada chance for a photo op

Friday, 29 June 2007


I have forgotten I've got these on my phone until my aunt mentioned yesterday during lunch that the cousins has changed gran's mobile phone ring tone to a recording of themselves singing 'Hello'. My suspicion is, it wasnt a recording of their singing but of an aunt. Which I myself recorded and tranferred it to my gran's phone and forgotten about it and obviously uncovered by the cousins and they turned it as the ringtone. Hahhah thats funny. U can listen to it below... plus I've got a couple others as well. Enjoys!

The crime scene...

Sunday, 24 June 2007


This must be one of the earliest recording of Adhaan (Azan) from Masjid Nabawi in Madinah in the year 1373H / 1950s

Friday, 22 June 2007


My new parking spot. A little further away from my previous parking space but indapapa, alhamdullillah at least I've got one. Apatah ada yang inda ampit ah...
BTW this is my 100th post. Not that its a big deal. Its just that who would have known this blog would last this long after several failed attempts to keep it alive. :)
Have a good day everyone.

Thursday, 21 June 2007

today's post

Today Hal and I went to this restaurant serving soto d batu besurat. It was oh so very nice. This restaurant used to be the kebab place. I know there are other places which sells nice soto but this one is right up there with the others.

Bye bye parking space. Tomorrow I cant park here anymore. uwaaaaa Its been taken away from me and now reserved for visitors. Not because I cant park as u can see from the pic hehehe


Remember my post kemarin pasal where to send email pasal hal-hal keugamaan.. here's another one, this time pasal menguap....

"Menguap.....semua orang menguap termasuk juga saya... tetapi kadang kala kita terlupa ataupun juga kita tidak tahu ataupun kita tidak mahu ambil tahu apakah keburukan menguap. Adapun kalau mengikut hukum, semasa menguap hendaklah kita menutup mulut ..... ini rasanya kebanyakan orang tahu,Alhamdullilah. ... kan manis gitu.. Tapi seperkara yang orang jarang berikan perhatian ialah bunyi yang keluar dihujung proses tersebut bunyinya pula pelbagai...huargh. ....huh.. ..haaah dan pelbagai bunyi menandakan kepuasan melakukan perbuatan menguap ini.

Mengikut penjelasan seorang ustaz yang saya temui baru2 ini setelah saya ditegur menguap sambil mengeluarkan bunyi yg agak kuat juga Syaitan sangat menyukai bunyi menguap bahkan bunyi itu merupakan satu hiburan bagi syaitan..? astarafilullah. .! begitu rupanya...lalainya saya.
Jadi pesan ustaz tersebut..bukan tidak boleh menguap tetapi janganlah mengeluarkan bunyi-bunyia tetapi ucapkanlah istirifar selepas menguap supaya kita tidak menjadi kawan syaitan menghiburkan syaitan-sukakah kita bila syaitan seronok? sudahlah seharian hidup kita ini penuh dengan dosa dan maksiat yang kadang2 tidak kita sedar,setidak2nya usaha kita yang sedikit ini dapat memperteguhkan dan memulihkan keimanan kepada ALLAH subhanawataala dan menjauhkan fitnah syaitan..."

So how am I supposed to know if this is true or not? Anybody knows where I can send this to? Kalau ada 'Ustaz online' kan bisai... heheh

Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Alhamdulillah kulli hal

This is whats left of my mate Nabil's car as a result of Gonu cyclone in Oman. Kesian eh.. Kedia kan holiday ke Brunei & KL this August pun inda jadi coz he has to help his neighbours who didnt fare as well as him and his family. Very noble! Fortunately his house didnt incur much damage. And alhamdulillah his family apa semua selamat. Insyallah next time alright Nabil.

Verify and confirm

so I received this email earlier on today pasal Masjid al-Aqsa and Masjid al-Sakhrah. According to the email, kitani ani kana kana duped by those people yang inda bertanggungjawab lah. So aku ani wondering.. picaya kah inda this email. Who knows.. mengkali urang mengantar email ani pun sebenarnya yang inda responsible. mana tau ia pakai reverse psychology. heheh So anyway, tangah-tangah ku bepikir ani kan.. I just remembered I have a friend who works in the IT section of KHEU. So I thought I'd email him the content of the email and ask if he could forward it to the relevant section. Unfortunately, inda tah ku teunjar email nya ani. I lost it. Indapa.. so I decided to browse through pusat dakwah punya website and I found an email address. Sent it to them and hopfully they can get back to me with an explanation or at least the correct email address to send this sort of things. Though thinking about it now, I think I should've sent it to jabatan mufti ah. But indapa.. we'll see what happens. Kan Pusat Dakwah ani yang responsible for all the censorship of reading materials and stop all these penyebaran ajaran-ajaran sesat. Will keep you posted....

What I am trying to say is... Is there anywhere di Brunei ani that I can send such emails (email pasal hal-hal keugamaan ani lah) to? To ask for verifications and confirmations sama-ada banar kah inda what they are saying. In this email's case, which is the actual Masjid Al-Aqsa. Banar kah inda whoever is trying to do whatever is another story.....

bah karang lagi..


Tuesday, 19 June 2007

lontong oh lontong

Kemarin for lunch I had lontong at the cute little singaporean cafe d gadong. I think its called Ghalia & Ghazi. Nyaman jua lah.. ilang jua rasa tais liur atu.. Though it isnt the best lontong I've tasted. My colleague JJ makes the best lontong which rivals the ones in singapore. The only problem with that is, sh only makes them during raya. In the mean time, I have to make do with a substitute. Anybody knows where the best lontong is in Brunei? I've tried the Desa cafe in Serusop and the one at Rimba Horticulture centre. They're okay but not quite there yet. When I was in sigapore last year, I had lontong almost everyday of the week.

Have a good day everyone. Salaam alaikum

Monday, 18 June 2007

around the office

With too many things to do and dont know where to begin. The result...

Sunday, 17 June 2007

PUSH Email

wotsit has come up with a new service here in Brunei. PUSH Email. I do think it is an excellent service to have. It enables you to be notified instantly of any new email you've received from any email account altough with a tweaking on your Gmail account and only on the paid yahoo mail (free yahoo email inda dapat lai) + other email accounts lah. Of course u can read ur email tarus and reply and forward, macam as if you're on your desktop lah. Other services which comes with this is like the instant messaging capability, news and blogs rss, sharing files, virtual storage, PIM syncronization and remote excess desktop. All this is free for the first 30 days sahaja, after that u have to shell out 8 ringgau sebulan. Hmm aku ani pikir.. do i need this or not. Inda plang mahal mun ganya 8 bucks, but it is 8 bucks down the drain mun in be pakai.. dapat ku makan nasi katok 8 bungkus tuu heheh So lemme think...

Push email.
Yeah I guess I can make use of it. But then aku ani bukannya macam businessman needing up todate information. Mun ganya email di office atu.. why would I want to read my office email when I'm not in the office. Kalau big boss banar plang kali eh. Not a strong point for me on this one.

Instant messaging
Yeah I guess I kinda need that as well. But u see, I have the capability already right now to connect to this and I hardly even use this. So I guess a no on this one too.

Well yeah, I guess I can use this too but again and nice to have. I have the facility to do this on my phone already.. and inda jua bepakai. Thumbs down on this one.

Virtual storage
I have my gmail to store all my junk in and I can excess it anytime I want and also on my phone. + Plus I'm not like going to share pics and ring tones and stuff with people. Siapa tah jua kan dangan ku kan be share. No on this one too I guess

PIM Syncronization
Setauku this will syncronize my outlook address and stuff. yeah thats the problem.. I dont use outlook. Any other software this is compatible with? or it will syncronize with?

Remote excess desktop
Okay.. for this, I honestly do not think I have any use for. Both my PCs at work and at home are never switched on when I'm not near them. U need the PC to be switched on to excess it remotely dont u? Other times, I use the laptop which I lug around with me everywhere I go.

Of course there will be times when I wished I had subscribed to this... you'll never know when u need to use the services. Dont get me wrong. This sort of things gets me so excited, and I am. Its just that I dont see why I should subscribe to this. (macam kana paksa jua bunyi ku ani ah hehe ) So weighing up the pros and cons.. I think its worth the free 30 days trial period. Okay enough procrastinating.. you know you want it. Go on!

**sometime later**

Shucks!! I cant even download the programme.. Apatah alamatnya tuu? heheh
BTW if u need to know more on this push email stuff click here. And u can also go to for more information. I'm not trying to cause a stir here.. macam tah banyak readershipnya ani hahah I am just thinking outloud and get feedback from you guys and convince me otherwise.

Catch u guys later


Saturday, 16 June 2007

la dida dida

hmmmm Woke up today bright and early today at 8.34.... Jumped out of bed went straight to shower. I felt so fresh this morning dont know why. Got dressed hastily and left the house. Antah kenapa ia today I was so excited and eager. Macam kan going somewhere fun. The reason I woke up this early, (before u start jumping on me, u should know this is a saturday and a weekend for me, enough reason to wake up late) well anyway the reason for my early morning excitement was nothing at all exciting. I just wanted to get to the tyre shop early and beat other people to it. I went to this new tyre shop in Lambak light industrial area. Its pretty huge. Got loads of tyres but unfortunately not many of what I was looking for. but no matter, in the end I got 4 spanking new shoes for my car. 73 clams each + alignment 13 clams and 70 clams for the camber (35 each) which I think is dirt cheap. The whole thing was painless as it took less than 20 mins, well except for the huge dent it made to my wallet. But even so.. it is well worth it, musim ani lagi musim ujan and I have been stalling to get new tyres on my car.

No shoes on

The wheeles being aligned
Tayar ku bali ani penggalar ku macam tayar trak. Look at the ganas groove on the wall of the tyre macam tayar trak.

Tyres on sale

Right after that, I had no where to go.. and guess where I ended up? Cafe au lait in Qlap. Recently opened. Came to know the opening frmo a colleague and we came here couple of days ago. Had breakkie and I thought I'd do some work on the laptop. Didnt know they had wireless. but obviously I somehow discovered their signal and voila! here I am typing away.... Managed to get some pics.

Bah lapas ani kan mliat wayang ku dulu.. I'll continue with this later after the movies. Noticed the S in the end of that word. Yep u got it.. I'm going to watch 2 and possibly more movies today.. Nya auntie N, walaupun nada keraja.. hahah and sorang lagi tu.. I dont care.. inda jua becerita in the movies.. so it dont bother me watching movies sorang2. bah karang lagi eh.. its almost time..

** 11 hours later **
Hokay.. I'm back.. Just came back from not 1 but 2 majlis bebadak. As usual its never siok going to these things. But that is what one has to do.. show one's face, and for one's own good. Mum's part of the family ani suka banar bekaroake. They were organising a singing competition. The comedian of the family was given the floor to host the competition. He began with "tuan-tuan dan puan-puan yang mulia lagi di hormati dan yang inda mulia dan inda di hormati" and he announced the prize was 1000 bucks for the winner 700 runner up and 500 the third place. hahah We all knew that was not the case.. so that was funny. Went home before the competition finished. Ngalih eh.. kan tidur. Maklum lah.. been up since 8.34 hahahah

Bah kan tidur dulu ah.. oh btw the movies were great. Watched Ocean's 13 and Fantastic 4. inda sampai 3 movies.. ayung ku sudah by the end of the 2nd movie. Not much of a movie critic I know... Yang ku tau, is siok or not. But hey, Isnt that good enough for me. heheh Cant wait for the Transformers. It looks very good. Click here for the trailer. Oh btw, I went to this cute little cafe close to the cinema... cant remember what its called. had tea and baked potatoes. Good jua lah. Very good effort. I'll go there again.

mmmm nyaman.... tapi inda mlawan yang di whiteleys lah

bah I've got to go. Assalamualaikum

imran ajmain - ghaibmu ost epilog

Another talent from Singapura

Friday, 15 June 2007

Hady Mirza

An amazing talent from Singapura. Singing Hijau here with his idol Zainal Abidin. I am loving this performance.

Singing Freedom while on Singapore Idol 06

Seen here performing Lagenda and A duet with Jaq Victor.

Tuesday, 12 June 2007

daaa di daaa di daaa

Its 1 am... and I cant sleep.

Hmm What shall I post. Nada kan di post ani...

Post gambar saja lah...

Took these pics on Saturday time lunch which was coincidentally my birthday too. Inda plang terribly exciting. Perhaps one day, they'll remind me of what great time I had. hehe

My sis bought me this.. Not too sure what it is exactly. I think its a travelling necktie bag. My FAV brand lagi tuu. Thanks a bunch

Monday, 11 June 2007

Mari Bekurapak Brunei

Guys... this is one of the coolest thing ever. I stumbled upon this brilliant website where u can masukkan any Brunei words that u know, translate it into English and give example on how the word is being used in a sentence. This will eventually be macam online dictionary lah. An excellent idea since there isnt (as far as I know) an online dictionary for Brunei Malay. Please do check it out and give it a try. I've added a couple of words... its very addictive I tell ya. hahah Congratulations to those responsible. I think you might have just helped push Brunei Malay up a level.

Click on the pic to visit the site.

Allah Selamatkan Pengantin DiRaja

Royal Wedding between Her Royal Highness Princess Hajah Majeedah Nuurul Bulqiah and YAM Pengiran Anak Khairul Khalil bin Pengiran Syed Hj Jaafari
10th June 2007

Friday, 8 June 2007

Tasik Lama

So I was at the tasik last couple of weeks…. Its been ages since I’ve been there. And guess what.. bisai tia sudah.. The walking tracks a beautifully laid with those colourful rubbery material they use on children’s playgrounds. Loads of plants. Ada spots for those yang be tai chi and whatever the other type of dancing exercise they do in the mornings. And for those yang suka kan tenaik-naik bukit atu, there is a new route. This route inda plang brapa strenuous, which makes it perfect for those yang inda pernah naik bukit and those who has not naik bukit for a long time. Compared to the main bukit d tasik atu I guess this is a 4/10. A very relaxing leisurely trek up and down the hills. Nicely laid tracks, complete with arrows apaindah so that inda sasat. Didnt take much pics.. coz aku posting pasal ani pun accidental jua.. My intention ke tasik was to exercise, inda jua tepikir mengambil banyak pics. So anyway.. below are few pics which I took
View of Ong Sum Ping from the hills
Water fall

Waterfall again this time at a different angle and a bit higher up

Those who are into reflxology, you may try this out.

A small clip of tasik

Thursday, 7 June 2007

Malam Jum3at al Mubarak

*Sigh* Ngalih eh... Just came back from the office... I know its late. But the reason was not because bekeraja, but we had a wee function at the company's surau. Anyway, I'd thought I'd post some pics from the event. Ani case karing-karingan plang ni... nada lagi bahan kan diceritakan.... hahah

Thought the surau looked beautiful at night. Not that I've never seen it waktu malam, but it looked extra beautiful with all the lights switched on.

Somehow, suka ku mengambil gambar urang duduk on the carpet cemani ani.. Dont know why. Kali usulnya in uniform atu kali.. sitting in a row.


I noticed waktu sembayang, my stukin ada bubus sikit... apa lagi kan di tapuk-tapuk hahah