Sunday, 29 April 2007

Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Horse Slide

hmmm malas ku kan cakap. It speaks for itself. Such a thing can only be found at a place called Bollywood. Eh kalau film Tamil dimanakan? Bollywood jua kah?


Hey peeps. Today me and me family had ambuyat for lunch at a famous ambuyat restaurant yang tak lain dan tak bukan Kadai Dang Minah. I have learnt today, that Dang Minah hails from KB. Antah banarkah inda. Apparently the cacah was nice. Why apparently? Coz I dont eat the cacah. It's not that I dont eat ambuyat, its just that I dont eat the cacah. My little cousin Hilman, (whose pictures I posted in my previous post) lagi kuat pukulannya. Kedidia makan ambuyat bekuahkan kicap! heheh Kan hebat kan? heheh Nya Bu Basar coz ia lahir di pelipin, iatah membarinya.. bisdia makan ambuyat di sana miatu stailnya.

Anyway.... di bawah ani ada video clip menunjukkan cara-cara menyungkil. i.e. twirling ambuyat with your candas.

Gambar2 di bawah ani are parts of our hidangan. U can see ambuyat semangkuk agung and then lauk guring and then daging urat, ada kari ayam sedikit and segala ulam-ulaman apa indah

Daras ni eh.. kambang plang liur ku meliat. heheh

Monday, 16 April 2007


Newly repainted UK International Airlines B767 G-CECU

Friday, 6 April 2007


Continuing my obsession taking pictures of salt & pepper shakers. I must say I like this one. Design is clean + tooth pick thingybob included. Which reminds me of a fav band back in the uk days called what else Kula Shaker. Remember Govinda? Hmm I was going to say somethingelse here but I think i shud just leave it there. Oh a bit of news for the fans out there, their new album is coming out soon. Check out their website

Platoon Kedayan (brunei)

Guys guys guys... check this out.. please I beg of you.. cali hantap!! Bana!! Inda ugi... heheh

Wednesday, 4 April 2007


Oh i'm so jealous of those who get to sleep through this wether this morning incl my boss n colleague who are on leave. *yawn*