Saturday, 28 December 2013


No I've not flown to the West or something. Although the pics does seem to indicate otherwise.

Believe it or not this was taken at Empire hotel last night whilst waiting fr my buggy ride back to the room. And google now have this awesome app? called awesome where they would do cool stuff to it like this snowing effect. Pretty cool

Thursday, 26 December 2013

3 sekawan

Tiga sekawan creating havoc today at Charcoal restaurant during auntie bibi's birthday lunch.

Monday, 23 December 2013

Nexus 5

Its been a week since I've received my new toy Nexus 5. Actually my note went dead on me. It woke me up one day with an alarm. I went for a shower and when I came back, it was dead. I think the motherboard just failed. I tried everything to resuscitate it but to no avail. That was a couple of months back. Now I feel patah hati sudah with Sammy coz two of my devices succumbed to the "Sudden Death Syndrom" which when I read online is real and its happening.

In the mean time I was using S2plus which I think is a great phone. The only negative comment I cud say is that small screen size. That's more of a personal preference rather than a fault of the phone itself.

Now.... Nexus 5. It fast. Its neither big nor small. Sleek and modern looking. Running on Kit-kat. The only -ve right now is the battery duration. Don't last very long. I knew this was already a problem before getting it but its not a problem at all. I have chargers absolutely everywhere. Sumbat saja wherever I go hahha.

I got the 32gb white version from Aussie for equivalent of B$600. Kalau di US even cheaper. Ganya I'm just worried about the LTE not working here coz of the different band they r using over there kalau ku bali d sana. Sebab atu tah membali do OZ.  Di Brunei I saw one kadai selling yg 16gb version fr $698. So I'm well proud of myself to hv bought it di OZ with some savings hehhe.

Anyway, I'm loving the phone. Some great functions in it. If u r thinking of getting it... I'd say get it. Well worth it. Value fr money in terms of the technology u r buying behind it.

Friday, 20 December 2013

Oh what a joy!

Alhamdulillah My fav fav burger is back. Its prosperity burger for the next few months!! :))

Auntie Nims.. Sampat ni bila kita balik in Jan.


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LTE is here

Don't know if u can see it on the to right corner of the screenshot.. I'm now connected to LTE. The upgrade was painless. Its free. However, its irreversible. Not much thinking on my part there he he. Just did it.

Well anyway,  its only been a day. So can't tell much. I noticed the signal is all over the place even at my place. Which I'm quite surprised actually. Also the speed is good right now. My usual measure of speed is YouTube and it IS fast. No buffering at all. So I'm pleased with that. I just hope I don't get overboard with the speed and limpas the alotted free data. Ada kan dibayar hehhe

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Happy baby

Yes she is a happy baby. Ayeesha Abqariah. 

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