Friday, 31 August 2007


Appy besday azmi n shikin! Hehe


I have been unable to update my blog via my phone for quite a while now. Im fiddling with the phone settings and if u can see this post, its working! Hv a good Friday everyone! Btw that was my lontong lunch yesterday.

Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Lunar eclipse

Hey guys... I know its been ages. Been busy with stuff. Plus some malas in there also to update this blog heheh. And I apologise.

So I went to Serasa beach tadi to have a look at the lunar eclipse. Jabatan ukur was setting up their stuff for members of the public to view this eclipse. It was supposedly going to be spectacular with full eclipse. So anyway, went home after work, changed from work clothes into t-shirt and jeans, then went off to the beach. On the way there.. macam cloudy saja the sky ani. And true enough when I got there it was complete over cast. I cant imagine meliat eclipse with the cloud macam kan hujan ani. I thought to wait a little just incase there was a break in the cloud. Full eclipse was supposed to happen at 6.30 or something. tapi nada jua eh.. wasting time saja.

Well not quite a complete waste of time. The sunset was amazing! Have a look for yourself.