Thursday, 15 March 2007


Hey, we have a visitor from the land of al unta al padang pasir at our airport. Pretty cool eh. School break starts tomorrow n families usually take the advantage to perform the 3umrah. Hence the chartered flight. Wish I cud go. :-)

Monday, 12 March 2007

Snip snip

Hey guys. Am waiting for my turn to have my hair cut. This guy in the pic having his hair cut just cannot keep quiet. He says his brother comes here often with his gemuk-gemuk son. And then minta confirmation lagi tu 'adakan?' hehe the poor barber pun angguk saja. Hehe oh the bau from the fish n chips shop next door is simply iwwisistabew! Got to tapau one later. Oops my turn now. Catch u guys later

Wednesday, 7 March 2007

Nite nite

Hey guys. Hope you're well. No am not back frm my Jakarta trip yet. Am giving this a go to see if it works. Anyway, the pic is view from my hotel room. I purposely left the curtain undrawn just so that I can have the living in the big city feel. Haha Kesian bunyinya. Does that make me a poklen then? Haha who cares. Just came back from watching a movie. The cinema was so lawa and seat was so comfy. Not to mention mim wau ra ha. (Awu, mana bisdia merati tu)

Off to bed now, an early day tomorrow with another round of mall visiting before berangkat pulang in the evening. Hope this works coz ngalih ku menaip ni. Mana cali tu mun inda mau. C u soon with some pics. Ciao

Monday, 5 March 2007


So this is how the airport looks like at 6.30am. Am off on the early morning flight to Jakarta people. So no updates yeah. Have a nice week people.

Thursday, 1 March 2007


Salaam Alaikum.... Today was the forth day running opisku nada beikun. Panas kali ah..buka tabuk inda jua berangin. Pasang kipas pun inda membari-bari. So today I decided to wear the smartest casual shirt I own and turn up to work in it. Lime green lagi tu heheh Too hot to wear the usual work shirt panas-panas ani. Baik jua daripada ku turn up in T-shirts. But the boss is very understanding.. ok cia.

hmm lemme see what else kan ku ceritakna ani.. owh.. couple of daysago.. my cousin Zaim beharijadi. 19 years old he is.. Went to the very low key makan-makan at Auntie Damits. Its just a family affair and it was more like afternoon tea than a party. tapi ada cake. Courtesy of Auntie Dinah with her cake making skill. The partywas so last minute, Auntie nims called her at 2 and the party was at 5. So she had to make use whatever was available. Inda sampat bake fresh cake. Luckily she was making muffins that day so she improvised and resulted in this unique and interesting looking but yummy cake/muffin heheh The frosting was nice.. All freshly made. Ganya the colours were abit too girly for a young man like Zaim.. but hey... inda kira.. asal nyaman. Happy birthday Zaim, Semoga panjang umur di murahkan rezeki and kesihatan yang bepanjangan.

Zaim seated flanked by cousins, young men of the family on the right and giggly madamoiselle of the family on the left.

p.s. My arm still hurts from the innoculation. Speaking of innoculation, bila aku ngambil darah ah.. must be soon.
nite nite kan tidur ku dulu ah.. I was in the 'sauna' all day and its making me tired and sleepy