Saturday, 8 November 2008

My 20yo bro is now taking orders fixing xbox360. Not exactly sure what problems he can fix. But I must say Im very impressed. Ordering parts online (with his own debit card) and advertising of his services online. Pretty cool eh

Social bookmarking

This is something I've always come across but never even bothered to look into it UNTIL I read it on somebody's blog. I dont think any of my friends uses this, hence the reason Im posting this here to share. I really think this is a very good thing to have. I have just started using it and I know have found webpages I would not normally have found. And believe me, I have tried to look for some of the pages I found off someone elses bookmark, for a long time and never did until now. So I am thankful for it. So now I can learn some more work related stuff from the new pages I found. Anyway, please spare a few minutes to watch this video and I know it wont be a waste of your time. Click on to go straight to it.