Friday, 29 December 2006

Badges schmages

Took these pics a couple of weeks ago. Thought I'd share them with you guys. Throughout this blog I shall be posting my favourite pictures that I have personally taken. I am not saying that they are any good or I am any good at taking pictures, it's just one of those things I like doing. I like taking pictures. These pictures are mainly taken with my humble Sony Ericsson K800 phone. Camea phone are amazing nowadays. While they are nowhere near the quality of proper camera, they are good enough for small prints. Plus it's readily available and it's with me all the time. I do not have to lug around with another piece of technology with me everyday. Some of these picture might also be taken with Canon IXUS 65. I did own an SLR camera when I was younger and when I was really into photography. Not that I am no longer into photography, its just that I do not have the means at the mo to be actively involved in it. So please excuse the poor quality pictures I am sharing with you guys. Oh... any comments or criticisms are most welcomed.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Hey.. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is out soon. Well not that so soon. 13 Jul 2007. I am looking forward to it. I know... I know... Its a movie for kids. Can you blame me for enjoying such a movie? There the kid in me still you know. But hey I do enjoy watching adult movies too ;-) heheh

As far as I can remember from reading the book ages ago, in this movie Harry Potter will be sitting for his Ordinary Magic Level (OWL) exams. I guess this is equivalent to O Level to us muggles :-) Of course Voldermort will making a come back as usual. Harry and Dumbledore tries to warn the Ministry of Magic of Voldermort's return but they were ignored and discredited. And I think if I'm not mistaken, Dumbledore will also be taken away from Hogwarts and replaced by someone from the Ministry. I think I'll read the book once again to remind me of the story before I go and watch the movie. Anyways, click on the logo to watch the trailer.
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Thursday, 28 December 2006

Lunch and movies (delayed transmission)

Had lunch a couple of days ago. Nini blanja. It was at the ever sedap Aminah Arif restaurant. I guess Aunties Nans and H yang banar-banar kan makan disana since Auntie Nans is just on hols from her studies in London and Auntie H has just came back from abroad also. I was pretty busy running errands when Auntie H called and invited me to join them. Namanya free lunch, sapa jua kan menulak. Anyways, back to my errands, since I am curently on leave, I thought I'd better try and get things done. I will have no time once I get back to work. Managed to apply for a new passport. For that I had to run around to have my IC photocopied as it was, well lets just say not readily available. Went to the bank. Mbayar cards, mbayar kerita at different financial institution. Pokoknya sibuk lah. But it was great. Anyways, took some pics at Aminah Arif.

Now you see it.

I dont understand why we were seated at a small table when they could very well see the not so petit sizes of my family members. Asak-asak tah plang. But food was good.

Now you dont. Well some of them anyway.

In the evening, we went to see Night at the Museum at the Mall cinema. Siok jua mliat movies beramai-ramai ani. Banyak my cousins & auncles & aunties ikut. Altogther they were I think 28 of us. Its a good children movie. Tapi kami yang tua-tua ani pun ksiokan jua meliat. heheh My little cousin Adam was really excited. Being a person who likes to talk and have a very inquisitive mind, he was like shouting all the time. He was hilarious. Ketawa ku mendangar some of his comments. Enjoyed the movie.

The night prior to that, I went to watch Eragon also with some of my cousins at the Empire cinema. The movie was great. I love it. Although the story telling was a little off, it was still a good movie to watch. It is a simple movie. Straight forward. Nada complicated plot yang perlu difahami. To be honest, I've never heard of the book until I saw the trailer for the movie. I think I'm going to have to get a copy. Most certainly, the novel would be far better than the movie. At least now I do not have to try hard imagining how Eragon would look like and whats Saphira's vision is like when Eragon says Skulblakas Ven. And now I cant wait for the second book to come out. Aku suka banar books like this. (Lords of the Rings/Narnia) Last night I went with my siblings to watch Eragon again. That's twice in 3 days. Goodness.... nada kraja tah jua banar.


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Lunch at Primo

Had lunch with KD today. Zats were supposed to tag along but as it turned out, shes gone off to KK. Not seen KD for quite a while. Shes always busy with her stuff and me with mine. So that's it, see her once in a while. Lovely talking to her. Conversation with KD is just like talking to myself. Is that a good thing? hehe Our minds are very much alike. Same way of thinking. We share the same interest and stuff. Anyways, it was nice to see KD.

Had lunch at Primo BTW. Lunch was so so. Jangan inda saja.
But the apple crumble was heaven.

Boring-boring while waiting for KD to arrive.

On the way home, it was raining heavily. Its been like this for weeks. And I've been caught in the thunderstorm everytime I went out.

Zinger maxx

Sounds yummy and very tempting to give it a try doesnt it?! Too bad they are out of stock! What gives? Aaaargghh I hate it when you look forward to something (usually food) and they've run out of it. Very frustating.

Tuesday, 26 December 2006

Thai for lunch

My little cousin Hamzah nagging wanting to go on London Eye
despite the fact that he's just came back from a 3 months long holiday in London

Another little cousin Hafiy messing with an ipod. The only thing he wants is the ipod.

Other cousins digging in

Pandan chicken and Chicken wings

Waiting (parte deux)

Some more pictures while waiting. It WAS a long wait mind you!

Sunday spalsh well into action

Spot the difference

View from the balcony

And another

This is of course in the room. Trying to be artistic here.

Tapi inda menjadi. heheh

Sunday, 24 December 2006


I hate waiting. Unfortunately, that is the very thing that I have to do right now. I'm giving this exciting blogging facility on my phone a try. Lets see how it turns up. If it turns up well. Then I will blog more from my phone. BTW the abve picture is the view from where I am sitting right now.

Adios amigos

Saturday day out

Yo! So I was at Empire today. Checking in for a mate of mine. Gosh I have never seen so many people queing to check in at the same time at Empire. But I think that is probably because my stay at Empire was always during off peak period. And if I did check-in during the busy period, I'm always late. By that time, most people have already checked-in. Anyways, I was on time this time around. Check-in time was at 2pm. There were herds of people queing to check themselves in. I think there were no less than 6 counters opened to cater for everybody. Even the lady manning the desk (Tour agent?) infront of the counters helped to check people in. It was not as painful as I thought it would be and it was over in a few minutes. So that was great. Catu tah heheh
So we went to the room. It was at the lagoon building. I walked over instead of using the buggy service, which I knew was going to be a long wait, with that many people there. I went went through the Arcade. Saja-saja kan meliat the BVLGARI and the Inner Space shop. Right at the end, I noticed there were people doing some renovation/maintenance work. Outside, the work continued on the patio area. I never noticed this but I think this shop lot is meant to be a cafe or restaurant some sort. And if this renovation work IS for a cafe, that'll be great. I know I know, aku plang iski ani wah. There is something about cafes that excite me. I do love cafes and I do not think we have enough cafes here in Brunei.
Once in the room, I noticed they have placed a box of chocolate on he bed. Waaahh I know they are those Empire chocolate yang nyaman skali atu. The box also very the nice. Noticed also, the channels at Empire had changed a litle and they have added a few more channels including a certain favourite channel from a certain satellite tv company, yang on a certain season of the past few years tiap-tiap hari 6 urang tunggu-tunggu to watch. Not including me though. Well not anymore anyway. hahah
Well pokoknya, I like what Empire has done. Every little bit counts. Good on you.
The chocolate box

The contents. Jaman eh!

View of Li Gong Restaurant fromt the balcony.

Spent the rest of the day at Auntie Damit's for hi tea. And the spread was amazing. It was like a buffet table of a fancy restaurant. Banar. heheh I got there at about quarter to 5 and did not leave till past eight. I had all sorts. From nasi ayam to nasi briyani. From Soto to Laksa. Spaghetti to Rojak. Kueh-kuehan. Gosh I was so so full by the end and was ready to belingkar like a snake kebungkayangan. Took some pics.

This is only the dessert section

Small portion of Laksa

Some of the kueh

Saturday, 23 December 2006

TV series

Hey guys. So its Saturday morning and I was already up at 0730. Hmmm antah ngapa ya bangun awal hantap. Last nite I stayed up till about 2 am watching House season 2 DVD. The downside of owning box set of tv dramas is you can never make yourself stop from watching one series afer another. Yes it would be alright for those who has nothing to do. But for those who are working, alamat antuk-antuk tah di office. Patutnya ah, you should watch them at your own convenience. Watch them as and when you have time. That is the point of buying a box set. Ani macam running a marathon. Inda lagi mau beranti. Anyway, I've only managed to finish 10 series. I have few more to go and that's it. I feel this season inda brapa cali. I enjoyed season 1 more. Nonetheless, I still enoy watching it.

Now I have The 4400 season 2 to watch. Antah somehow, I am not as excited tp watch it as I was when I downloaded them. Its been sitting in the hard drive for quite a while now. Since I'm on leave for the week, I think that would be the perfect opportunity to get through them.

Oh I am currently also on Heroes. I just love the show. Right now everybody have to keep their pants on coz series 12 alum lagi out. (Pants on?) Series 11 was already on air a few weeks ago. I wonder why 12 alum keluar lagi ah. Oh I got my bestfriend IT addicted on it as well and he told me that the 12th serie will only be on air pada 22Jan. But why? Je ne comprends pas. I just dont get it. IT says, alum siap filming. Antah banar kah inda. I just couldnt be bothered to find out for myself.

So what's installed for today. Being Saturday, I am expected to roam the city without any apparently reason or attention according to IT. Ah yes I nearly forgot, an invitation for hi tea at Auntie Damit's later at 3. We would not want to miss that would we. What's the occasion? Well the reason this time is untuk meraikan the return of Auntie Nimah back to the Abode of peace.

Gosh I am oh so hungry. I think ada nasi lamak in the kitchen. Alrighty guys. Brekkie time. Have a good one people!

Friday, 22 December 2006

Mince pies

Hi. Aku ani saja-saja kan membaritau sampai hajatku makan mince pies. Thanks to my Auntie Nans who has just came back from London few days ago. Honestly, its been a year aku tais liurkan makan ani, but last year nada tampat bekirim. I searched high and low for them here in Brunei but to no avail. Thankfully, Auntie Nans ada this year. Thanks Auntie Nans, you're my saviour. Not only she brought me my pies, she got me three boxes of them. All I wanted was one piece of Mince pie. Macam urang mengidam plang bunyi nya hahah. Anyway, I have chowed down most of them. A box with 6 pieces of pies left. I'm sure they'll be gone soon enough. Gosh I forgot how sweet they are. But that didnt stop me, did it? heheh Anyway, here are some pics of the mince pies box that I got.

I must say, the ones which came out of this box tasted nicer than the other ones.

But what the heck. A mince pie is a mince pie right. Both are nyaman.

So what's been hapening for last few days. Auntie Nimah and her family are now back for good after having left the country 5 years ago, almost to the date. Went to the airport to greet them. Kesian they looked real tired. Mana inda, apparently their packing was like none other. They had loads to pack in so little time. And that little time they had pun inda cukup, coz ada dinner invitation and so on so forth. Auntie Nimah says she is so sad coz she did not get to shop before she left. hahah Typical of her. Since Uncle H is not quite finished yet with his duties, he will be going back for a short while. Auntie Nimah had asked if I want to tag along in January and bebaya balik. She is determined to get her shopping done before banar-banar returning home. I've not been there for a good 6 months. That is very not like me. I would be like going there every few months at least. But then, that is what you have to sacrifice when working in a new office. No cuti and keraja menimbun. So I'm tempted. Will see lah. Kalau economy stabil. Kerita lagi kan ari jadi ni ujung bulan Janaury. So like I said. Liat lah. Gigit jari saja mun inda dapat ikut. heheh

Oh... I have started my leave from 1700 today. I wont be back in the office till 3Jan next year. Yippie. The problem is now, I dont know what to do. Maybe Empire. My sisters are willing to go. So that is a plan. Other than that, I'll just go with the flow. Watch movies and TV series I bought which are still in their wrapper. Whateverlah. I'll update you guys ok. For now, I have to hit the sack. Kalatmata udah ni. I've not been having enough sleep lately. Nite-nite everyone.

Wednesday, 20 December 2006

No Title

So here I am yet again on another attempt to start a blog. I think this is my 3rd or maybe 4th attempt at blogging. So why do I want to subject myself to another round of menyampah-ness in trying to blog and maintaining it. Who am I kidding. Ia jua malasnya tu karang. Forever on hiatus and end up deleting the blog. So inda apa... last chance. If this doesnt work out. Inda tah ku tau and i wont even bother the next time. (If there is a next time) So again why am I starting to blog again. Well, banarnya aku ani iski membaca blog urang. Peiski kediaku ani. Iatah membarinya kambuh. Secondly, well I just found out today my new phone K800 ani dapat photo blogging. It automatically created a mobile blog for me when I submitted a photo. The funny thing is, I actually wanted to use the same blog. But it looks like I have created a different blog now. Indapa lah, what I'll do is just link it kemudian. And then jua secara in langsung, I just want to improve my writing skills. Al-maklumlah, my writing skills isnt anywhere near those bloggers whose blogs I read religiously. Fingers crossed, lets hope the life span of this one is longer than the previous ones. Anyways... i think that is enough for todays first post dont you think.