Wednesday, 28 February 2007

All night long

On the flight back to Brunei from Bali couple of weeks ago... The SkyShow inflight entertainment system onboard Royal Brunei Airlines, had the self titled Michael Parkinson show on. I was planning to sleep on the flight as I was really knackered. But when I saw the guests list on the show I thought it was a good funny crowd, so I decided to stay up and watch. Lionel Ritchie was one of them and he was going to sing. (yeah old fashion! I know!) Liza Minelli came up first talking about cerita lama and shes touring and stuff and then Sharon Osborne talking about stuff i.e. her surgery untuk menguruskan badan. OMG she was hilarious. And mulutnya laser! And then.. Lionel Richie... belting his new number. Inda plang ku brapa suka... Anyway.. dalamnya becerita pasal his old songs and how successful 'All night long' was, he also said that song reminded a lot of people and many of them considered it as 'their' song. And whenever they listen to it, it reminds them of 'that' moment intime when they heard the song first and what memory the song reminds them of. In my case pun whenever I listen to 'All night long', it reminds of the time back in the 80s on one of my trips toSingapore. I still remember it listening to it over and over again on the evening flight back to Brunei fromSingapore. I'm guessing it was flight BI430. I was listening to it on the walkman. No MP3 or discman then. Walkman was the rave then hehe I actually didnt buy the cassette myself. Gosh cassettes just sounds so ancientdoesnt it. It either belonged to Auntie Nans or Nims whom have brought it from London. The reason for the Singapore trip was to welcome back my two aunts from their studies in the UK during their winter hols. At that time, RBA had no direct flight to London yet i dont think. So it was that return trip to Brunei what 'All night long' reminds me of.
So what memory comes into your mind when u listen to All night long? Or any other song for that matter


Hi guys. Sorry for thd lack of updates. I'm just so not in da mood lately. Anyways, im bored out of my brain today. Everyone is away and am on my own jaga kadai. Hence am posting on my phone again just to entertain myself. Owh had the bird flu innoculation yesterday. Luckily inda jahat rasa unlike some of my colleagues who got the shot as well. Anyway, saw this cloud formation through my office window. Interesting eh. Correct me if im wrong but i think theyre called Cirrus type cloud.
Later dudes

Monday, 26 February 2007


hey guys... really do not have anything to say today.. but just so that inda menghampakan for those of u bersusah payah connecting onto the net and clicking on my weblog address.. I'd like to share u these pics..... (inda plang berapa I know!)
Went to the Dorchester tea thingy at Empire... I just think they can do better.
Alot better...
I like panoramic pictures... you'll see alot more from me.
p.s. am going for bird flu innoculation tomorrow and become a guinnea pig. heheh

Saturday, 24 February 2007

San Antonio tia karang!

hey guys... Its Saturday night.. Not going out or anything. Am feeling a tad frustrated and a slight geram. Remember I was telling you guys about my training that didnt happen and I suspected the next traning is in the states. Well, I receive an email inviting us for the training... and yes its in the states. San Antonio, Texas to be precise. *sigh* what to do.. mbari malas wah cani ani.

Donna & Sufri

Congratulations to Donna and Sufri who as of yesterday are engaged. Since I know Donna and Sufri personally, I went to both their houses for the ceremony. Went to Sufri's first of course and then off we to Donna's residence for the actual ceremony. Unlike the usual engagement ceremony where the groom (kira groom sudah kah ni) stays at home during the ceremony, Sufri went to Donna's after the formalities to take photos to commemorate the day. Which I think is a great idea. (I know some of u might not agree out there) I suppose urang tua2 deem it inappropriate, but karang ani I think inda jua as bad, coz mun inda... they are still going out after the ceremony anyway. So.. baiktah mengeratkan lagi tali silaturrahim between themselves and their families. Inda ja.. heheh Anyway, Donna's brother who is a photographer took their pics. He looked very professional. Cant wait to see the outcome. And Ucingitam was there as well, as a friend and as our own personal photographer heheh. Thanks mate. Nanti ku curi his pic and put it up here. Anyway, Congratulations once again, cant wait for the big day.

Bali oh Bali

Salaam alaikum

Hello peeps.. I'm back... Ys yes I know.. I've been back for a little while now.. tapi tekeduhung cuti atu.. tarus tah ku cutikan jua my blog updating ani.. tapi inda jua nyaman rasanya meniggalkan atu. But doesnt matter, I'm back now. Phuhh that Bali trip was one hot trip. Hot as in the weather! Gosh u would not believe how hot it was. It was so hot that it made walking under the Brunei sun as if taking a stroll through Central park. Not that I've strolled through in central park. Hyde park lah!! heheh Banar it was so so panas brabis. Inda ku merati how it could be so hot like that. banyak dusa kali ah.. hehe Strangely though before I went off, no one, not a single person ever mentioned the weather is like that in Bali (MJ said she did). Maybe perhaps they went during cooler period kali ah.. The locals said it would cool down alittle from jun to august. My mate decided its because Bali is an island. Maybe so but I dont remember Labuan being that hot. Sampai malam pun ku kepanasan. Throughout my stay, I suffered from headache everyday and dehydration. My lips pun be ulcer. Dahsyat jua sudah tu. Was advised to take gatorade to counteract the effect. AndI had to shower like 4 times in a day. Inda jua nyaman rasanya badan rakat2 atu. Maybe sebab atu lah those tourist prefer not to wear baju even when walking around town. Mun kediaku.. alum plang lagi.. indaconfident che Almaklum lah.. I'm still waiting for the other 5 packs to make an appearance heheh So i was there only for about 4 days includingtravelling days. Stayed in Kuta all the while. I didnt do anything apart from minum2 makan and jalan2 meliat kadai. Lepak2 d starbux and cafes. Went to the beach. Not bad jualah shopping2 d sana atu.. sale lagi. Didnt know ada kadai basar sana ah.. ada marks and sparks ada sogo and other chain stores ani lah.. baik lagi shopping disini ni sungguh bandar damit. Malam2 inda plang keluar coz ampar from the day outing.

My mate tried out the spa.. urut-urutan. Quite good apparently. I didnt coz i can never tahan beurut ani. Another something I've always been told was the difficulty in finding halal food. But I thought this was not the case. I was eating all the time. The fastfood was also halal. I tried the A&W and krispy Kreme and baskin robins others which i didnt have a go was McDonald's, KFC, Pizza hut. We tried some local joints one of which was a Sundanese restaurant, where I had Flying Gurami (deep fried fish) Which was very the nyaman and crispy. I also had Nasi Timbel there. I had these two propr to this but cant remember how good they tasted. I also went to a Javanese restaurant called Plengkung restaurant where their speciality is Pleceng kangkung. They shortened this to plengkung. I tell you, Indons are number 1 inmaking up words. Anyway, pleceng kangkung I was told is one of their speciality dish, the kangkung boiled and sambal made of kacang, lada and stuff spread on it. I myself is not a kangkung guy but it was nice. Of course there are other dishes as well. Fabulous atmosphere and a good place to chill and relax with a band singing in the corner belting all these great 70-80s tunes. Oh and its pretty cheap too. I also had a chance to tryout padang style food. Went to this Warung padang for lunch. OK lah the food, not too bad. But I can see why this sort of serving style will not go very well for us in Brunei.

While I was there, I also tried local drinks. One is Sodagembira (apparently d brunei pun ada) and the other is the botol. Apparently there is a saying in indonesia.. makan apa aja, minumnya teh botol sosro. Seems abit strange drinking tea together with rice..tapinya thinking about it... I usually have ice lemon tea.. sama jua kali ah.
Taxis are verywhere. The best ones I guess are those blue taxis. Sekali mengampaikan punggung rp5000 and then rp1000 or so ver mile or something. Since I didnt venture out of Kuta area obviously I cannot comment on other areas. Beach was bisasa sahaja. Peliatan kubisai lagi pantai muara. Then again I only saw the beach in Kuta. OK lah the wave was bigger here I giv them that. Tapi pasal lawa I think ours is better.. ganya problemnya kamah, mun inda hands down. OK lah dulu.. ngalih ku becerita menaip ani.. I've aprepard a slide show below so just look at the photos. They tell better stories than I can.. ciao

Wednesday, 14 February 2007

On hiatus

Ello peeps. Am off to bali for a few days. So there wont be any updates. Enjoy the panoramic view of Brunei airport departure hall I took from sky lounge. Ive never posted a panoramic pic before, so it'll b interesting to see how it turns out. Anyhoo c u guys soon n hope to bring back some nice photos to post on this ass lame blog.

Monday, 12 February 2007

Spotting revisited

allo... Dont know if u guys read my post on Plane Spotting. Well this is taking it a step further. Spotting and taping it and posting them on youtube. Pretty cool ey. This piece of clip was taken at Sydney International Airport by one mitaal380. Cheers matey. This feels just like being there.. almost. I could even feel the buzz from the comfort of my chair. banar2 heheh Ada lagi kapal RBA taking off tu.

BBC Holiday : Brunei

Hi guys.. check out the he Brunei piece done by BBC Holiday programme. Enjoy!

Sunday, 11 February 2007

Serasa outing

Hey guys... some pics I took at the beach trip... awal pagi bangun yooo...maklumlah.. ada toy baru. Iatah kan di testdrive. heheh Enjoy the pics.

All these pics are of Serasa beach

Saturday, 10 February 2007


Took these kemarin on the way to bekaut dari parking lot. Sampat lagi menyimbat tu. I whipped out my phone and stopped for a couple of seconds every now and then. Trying to be discreet tapi inda jua successful heheh Took some inside as well, tapinya inda brapa bisai except the pillar pic. Mana inda.. urang mendangar khutbah, diri fiddling with telipun taking pictures. Urang siring ku ani must have thought "badan saja basar tapi ulah macam kids bemain telipun" heheh That was my first and it didnt feel comfortable at all. All these while, I have left my phone d krita. Anyway.. Hope u guys enjoy the pics. I know this 'subject' has always been a favourite amongst shutterbugs. This is my version lah.. Inda plang seberapa.But like I said, hop u guys enjoy it. Ciao.. havea nice weekend.

Thursday, 8 February 2007

London here I come.. NOT!!

I was pretty miffed yesterday when I found out the training I was looking forward to attend in London is not going to happen. The reason: the company that does the training forgot to tell us about it!! Can u just believe that? I knew about the training since late last year but they coud not give us an exact date. I was really looking forward to it. They told us it was going to happen in Feb but we never heard from them again. They apparently sent out an email in January but neither my boss nor I received it. And the boss of this company sent us an email yesterday asking why we have not registered our names for it. And I was like WHAT?! And then.. nya I know this is last minute!! Damn right it is.. macam London atu 2 hours away from Brunei. Even so... we would not have the time to raise the tickets and stuff!! So there goes my training.... so was so not in the mood for anything yesterday. I could have picked up a lot from the training. Now I have to conduct my own trainings from my own reading and excercises. Its a pity that is. Techniques and every little bits of information would be vital especially for a new guy like me in a new field. aargghhh!! never mind.. Not my rezki. I just hope I can perform in conducting my own training now. I am not sure where and when the next training is going to take place. But I have a feeling it will be in the states, which I am so not looking forward to coz travelling ke sana atu is just too payah for me. Ke London is so much easier and ontop of that RBA flies to Heathrow.... Of course now that I'm not going to London that means inda tah jua jumpa auntie nans there. I was really raring to go and see her tarus. Sorry auntie nans. oh and banar2 tah bukan reziki.. it is snowing in London. Mun inda.. purrfect! Spot on jua tu. *sigh* what to do.

Hujan oh hujan

Hi all. A very wet morning today. Wish I was in bed still. I had to drag myself out of bed and into the shower tadi. What to do but TGIT coz its Friday tomorrow and then its the weekend! Yippie. Anyway, good day to u all

Wednesday, 7 February 2007

Yellow thingybob

Not your usual fire extinguisher

Intention kan artistic tapi turned out scary hehe


Another would be great if I were in bed weather this morning again. Hehe

Tuesday, 6 February 2007

Nada title

Aaaah what beautiful weather today. It looks very inviting doesnt it? With the crappy weather lately, it makes me feel like going out and sit in the park somewhere enjoying the sun. BUT since we're in brunei, no way I am going to do that. I'm staying put in my cold cold room. Panas kali ah. Hehe


Took this picture of wild orchid bloom this morning while waiting for my car engine to warm up. I think its commonly called tiger orchid. When they are in full bloom the length of the stalk may reach in excess of 1 meter in length. Pretty eh.

Sunday, 4 February 2007


Helleewww.. I meant to post this last nihgt. But I was too tired and too full to do anything. Pretty busy saturday I had. Woke up early had breakfast and straight on to the internet. I did not intend to go out thinking I much rather stay home especially being th first Saturday after ter payday + bonus, I did not fancy going to gadong and get stuck in the traffic jam. But after I had lunch at home, I ran out of stuff to do. Datang tah malas ku kebahapa-apa and that will most definitely lead to boredom. So I thought, baik tah ku jalan and to have a look at the mini expo IT was talking about earlier on the week at Ministry of Deveopment. So off I went and dragged IT along whose office is just nearby.

Top pic is of the Ministry of Development building. Cool building eh. Amongst the exhibitions was this model of one of the house going to be offered as part of the Brunei government housing scheme. I think there were 9 house types models were on display. And this particular one, which I think is the nicest will be offered only to those who applied for housing scheme in the Belait district. For those who had applied for housing scheme in Brunei Muara district, you will be offered different designes. One funny fact on this type design. If you notice the balcony at the front of this house, there is no excess door. And it is not a mistake. Apparently, that is how the house was designed. Funny eh. heheh indapalah Tabuk ada. Meluah dari tabuk saja. kekek Overall I think the design of the houses are nice. (banar jua.. the existing design has been there for ages... we need a chang man) And all of them are 2 tingkat. Saves money as there is no need to fork out money to put up an extension. tapinya.. jan jua.. ia jua tu karang menambah samapi besayap2.

Later in the afternoon. My uncles+aunties and I went to have tea. Brunei style. Di Brunei ani.. when sombody says tea.. inda semestinya.. cake and tea. The menu may well be very similar to lunch. Which was the case yesterday. We had Soto for tea!! Full of lamak and oil. sluurpp! nyaman eh. heheh

Past couple of weeks my paents had introduced to us this restaurant. Its actually a house, tapi the living room on the ground floor has been converted to a restaurant. Nya untie H, ramai urang slalu. And the location is just adjacent to governement office buildings d airport lama. Kg. Burung Pingai. So those of you, siapa-siapa yang tais liur and would like to give it a try. Its the first house on the right Jalan surapit, Kg Burung pingai. Ad gambar di bawah ani.. ok Go on.. give it a try. You wont regret it. in fact you might, coz you'll get addicted to it and have to have it all the time. heheh

I had soto bergedil mata lembu with lots and lots of daging. They also offer other vaieties of soto, from the usual soto speacial to ati buyah.

In he evening aku ke DQ. Mbali green tea with chocolate. Nyaman jua lah. Aku suka green tea icream ani. Although it doesnt taste as good as those orginal green tea icecream. Tekanang pulang ku kan green tea icecream I had di baskin robins di Tokyo. That was my first time ever merasai green tea icecream and it was the very the nyaman.

Bah ok lah dulu.. kan jalan lagi ni.. meredah jalan2 yang full of kerita di gadong ah.. all this ice-cream talk makes me tais liur kan icecream swensen.

Thursday, 1 February 2007


Hey everyone.... Just came back from dinner with the whole family celebrating me babu's birthday today. Pretty tired now. Been very busy today in the office having to arrange for projects in the coming weeks. Since my boss will be away next week, we have to get them ready before he goes off.

Soto at Auntie Damit's again. heheh

Hafiy was on the swing while we had lunch. Soon after he was inside enjoying a bowl of soto. The weather has been errratic lately. 1 minute it rains and the sun is out in the next.

After dinner tonight... my sis singgah at one of the kadai kain and and ledt with another set of kain. Again! I have been critical at the number of kain shes got balum be putong and yet she keeps buying them. Women eh.. Can never understand them. hhehe While at the shop,managed a couple of shots. Sampat lagi tu

Kain anyone?