Saturday, 26 January 2013


Alrighty I know I owe some pics from my travels lately... so to start off, some pics from the London trip in Dec. Sadly I think after looking through them, I really didnt take much pics, especially on the London trip. Thankfully I did better on later trips. Anyway, here goes...  London and Leeds first.

Kings Cross Station - Freezing cold 
Jumping on the train to Leeds

for the fans... u know who u are heheh 
Nice to see the english countryside again 
Get you priorities right... 
Shopping dulu... 

Baik jua ada Subway halal karang ani..   sanang jua sedikit

Sights and no sounds of Leeds city


Macam inda sah kalau ke London inda kemari heheh


It was almost Christmas.. 

Kalau lama sudah inda kemari... bah baik tah jua singgah. the place is still the same. Which is good.

Kalau ke Westfield, this is the place to eat.  Makanannya ok saja. Tapi kalau lama sudah inda merasa makanan kitani, baik jua lah i guess

Bisai    jua naik train ke airport ani. Quick and easy.  And as it turned out, it was really foggy and the  roads were a little bit jam. So alhamdulillah  good decision lah